Sample facade elements at the Towarowa Towers construction site 

Sample, representative fragments of the building façade appeared at the Towarowa Towers construction site. The aim is to show and initially evaluate the foreground architectural solutions of the towers.

The mock-ups placed at the construction site in Prosta St. show standard elements of Towarowa Towers façade: a two-storey façade of the building podium, loggias and a glazed bay window of the future residents’ apartments. In this way the investor, architects and site engineers can evaluate key architectural solutions such as colors of aluminium panels to be used on the façade, sliding doors to the loggias, glazing of the bay window, openable windows and panels as well as finishing of loggias/balconies and illumination of the building. For the mock-ups, materials were used to create the final façade image of the towers. The mock-ups of a part of the elevation, which appeared on the construction site, serve the purpose of checking the aesthetics and quality of workmanship of the investment. Towarowa Towers is a unique residential project, where everything must be executed with utmost care.