Metropoint Apartments among Top 10 green certified residential investments

We are pleased to inform that Metropoint Apartments project was included in Top 10 green certified residential investments in Poland, list prepared by Metropoint Apartments is the first residential investment with a BREEAM certificate on the Very Good level.

During the implementation, many ecological and sustainable solutions were used, including: limiting the volume of waste during the construction and operation of the building, the project of the reclamation of green areas and ensuring biodiversity of common areas or solutions that reduce the impact of the building on the environment, such as excessive artificial light, noise, air, ground and water pollution, as well as energy-efficient solutions and quality of construction materials. Attention should also be paid to planting greenery, which naturally grows in our climate zone, as well as bird houses on special pergolas and houses for bees, which are safe for people, do not sting, and play an extremely important role in the ecosystem.

The entire list is available here.